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I’m Crying “UNCLE”

OK OK Enough already with the snow.  I am throwing in the towel and conceding that Old Man Winter has managed to beat me into submission.  I am so sick of snow that I want to throw up.  I hurt from shovelling and no matter how much I shovel it doesn’t look like I have at all.



Main Street as it goes through town is also Highway 2, a provincial highway and the detour route for Highway 401 (our main Highway, like an Interstate).  We can always tell when something has happened and the 401 is closed – the traffic is bumper to bumper and no one knows how to take the back routes if they are not from around here.

Living on Main Street has it’s advantages – all parades go by the house and this past summer it was totally incredible to be part of the crowd lining the street for Ride For Sight which saw over 4000 motorcycles go by the front door.  Every type of bike imaginable went by.  You could see bikes for miles, literally,  as looking toward the west from where the bikes came from there was an never ending line.  It was awesome.

Living on Main Street also has it’s disadvantages. Snow removal is the big one.  Because Main is also a highway, the plows do a great job in trying to keep it clean during the winter.  This means that a plow goes by on a regular basis on a day like yesterday, today and apparently then next couple of  days coming up. However, not only do they plow the road, they also plow the sidewalks.  A bobcat plow comes by and blows the snow off the sidewalk..and right into my newly shovelled walk into the house.  Just before Christmas the bobcat driver, a local named “Tiny”, actually stopped and plowed out some of the area in front of the house.  Dad and I were out shovelling and he came by.  I refused to move out of the way because I knew he was going to put back all the snow we had just removed and there was NO WAY I was going to let that happen.  In a classic “Mexican Standoff”, I was face to face with the bobcat and refused to move.  We did the dance, “Move”, “No”, “Come on lady just move”. “NO!”, “Just get out of the way”.  “Which part of NO did you not understand?”  Finally, reality took hold and I stepped aside. Instead of plowing the snow back onto our newly shovelled walk he instead started widening the path we had created.  I started to cry.  I thought it was the nicest thing anyone had done for me in a long long time and if it wasn’t for nosy neighbours and small town gossip I would have kissed the man right then and there.  Well that was then and this is now.  “Tiny” must suffer from multiple personalities and the one that is out now could give a flying @%&*(@ that the inhabitants of the house are two old people and one younger person who has a hard time on most days lifting her purse let alone a shovel full of heavy wet snow.

 My really nice next door neighbour shovelled it out this morning so I could get out and get Dad to his Men’s Coffee Klach at 10am.  When we got back around noon, Tiny had been by and the nicely shovelled path was gone. On my way out earlier this evening, I had to drag through a good 6 – 8 inches of the stuff to get to my car, which had been parked out in front of the house.  Not only had Tiny and the little bobcat been by, but his big brother the main snowplow had been by too..

I have no other place to park but the road thanks to all the snow the two plows have managed to pile on my lawn.  Last weekend my car was totally encased in snow.  It looks like it will be that way tomorrow.  Good thing I don’t have to go out until late tomorrow afternoon, cuz it is gonna take that long to dig out.


So I give up.  I am done with winter.  Next year, whether they like it or not Mom, Dad, Bosco and I will be heading south to some warmer climate.  Personally I like Arizona but anywhere it doesn’t snow is good enough for me.

Happy shovelling.






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