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62. I love fresh Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit in season.

 It took me a long time to really appreciate grapefruit. It was always too bitter or sour for my tastes.

 My family went to Florida for the first time when I was 15. That’s where I learned to love grapefruit. They were so different that the ones we got at the supermarket back home in Toronto. They were sweet, they were juicy and they tasted like heaven. And to top it all off, I got to pick them right from the trees. I don’t know exactly how many I ate while I was there but it was enough to propel me into eating them back home as often as I could.

Later in my life, when I was an adult and had a job I went to Florida with a friend. Her parents had a winter home there and we went for a week in January. Again I ate grapefruit after grapefruit. It was on this trip that I visited a grapefruit producer. While there I learned many things about grapefruit, most importantly that grapefruits that still show some green on them are not unripe. Instead, all it means is that the sun managed to miss that spot while the fruit was still on the tree. I also learned that many many people have grapefruit trees in their backyards and DO NOT EAT THEM. That my friends is a crime. If I had a grapefruit tree in my backyard I would camp out until they were all gone and out of season.

On this trip I also learned that I could order these succulent beauties and have them delivered to my door every month for the full grapefruit season and that’s exactly what I did. I joined the Albritton Fruit of the Month Club. Every month from October to May a box of grapefruit would arrive, fresh from the trees of Florida; 60 pounds of them…that’s right 60 pounds. That equates into about 60 grapefruit so you know how big they were. The skins were just right, not too think, and not too thin. Albritton also sent me a gift every month with my fruit. BONUS!  Grapefruit spoons, orange marmalade, key limejuice. For two full seasons I had them delivered, looking forward to every box that was left in my door.

sAlas, stuff happens and times change. Grapefruit began to give me major heartburn and eating too many made my stomach feel like I had swallowed some battery acid. (Of course if I knew then what I know now I would have been to the Doctor pronto.) I can now happily report that I am back to eating grapefruit. However, where I used to eat 2 – 3 a day, I eat ½ of one every morning. It still doesn’t taste as good as the ones from Albritton but it tastes good enough to satisfy the “itch”.  I will be sad in May when the grapefruit are not longer available… I think I will order a case this week as a treat. Not 60 pounds worth, that would not be a good plan for my stomach, but I think 20 pounds would give me the feeling of the warmth and sun of a much warmer climate.


2 responses to “62. I love fresh Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit in season.

  1. Marny March 14, 2009 at 3:22 am

    I, too, love grapefruit!! Unfortunately, grapefruit also causes some medications to be less than effective, so my intake of gf has lessened to almost nil.

    However, when I used to eat them … and for the once in a blue moon that I have one now … I cut off the top, then serrate each section loose.

    Then I squeeze the ‘top’ juices back … and sprinkle a little sugar and a bit of grenadine!! Ahhh, a bit of heaven.

    Gentle as you go …

  2. serendopeity March 15, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Hi Marny

    I never thought of the grenadine, that sounds very decadent LOL. I must try it.
    Another thing I like doing with grapefruit is cutting it in half, sprinkling some brown sugar on the halves and then putting them under the broiler for about 2 minutes. The brown sugar carmelizes and the grapefruit warms just a touch.
    I prefer my fruit at room temp for the most part. I think that you get better flavour than if it is straight from the fridge cold.
    Thank you for dropping by serendopeity. Visit often. I am not as prolific here as when I started this blog, but I try.
    Take care and be well.

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