The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

Bowling for Seniors.

Today Sue and I decided to take the Seniors in our lives bowling.  First of all, there are not alot of outdoor activities that we can partake of due to the crappy weather and secondly it was something to do and get the old folks up and moving for an hour or so.

Mom, dad and I met Sue, Ivy and Grace at the bowling alley at 1:00.  They were already pumped and primed to get moving.  It took a couple of minutes to “shoe up” and then the frivolity started.

All 4 of them (the Sr’s) were a little shaky at first.  Mom had a hard time grasping that she got 3 balls to throw on most given turns.   She kept throwing the ball to the left.  At one point she ended up on her keester – ok, ok, I did make sure she was alright before I almost fell over laughing.  I couldn’t help it – she looked really cute doing the almost splits.  I shouldn’t laugh I know because she didn’t do it on purpose – but it was pure entertainment.  (anyone who wants to tell me how horrible I am needs to spend a day around here – you either laugh or cry and I chose to laugh this time).  Her knees have been really bad lately and she wasn’t for playing a second game.

Dad, once he got the hang of it did really well.  His first game he bowled 108.  Hell, thats better than I do on Thursday night in my league!.  He got a couple of srtikes and was as proud as a peacok. LOL.  He played a second game, but didn’t do as well – personally I think after his victorious first game he just got too cocky and was trying to hard. (Not really by the second game his shoulders and back were sore. I could tell by the way he walked.) But the trooper he is, he still went out and throw a couple of strikes.

Ivy was the lead off and the first couple of frames were almost intimidating for her. Once she started to hit pins though, it was hard to keep the smile off her face. She also has a hard time with the 3-ball concept.  After her first ball she would start to head back to her seat.  Sue would remind her that she had 2 more balls.  Ivy would then take a ball in each hand – oh,oh – no Ivy, one at a time.  Late in the second game Grace remarked that it was probably due to Sue using the word “Two”.  Sue reworded it to “One more ball Ivy” and she didn’t pick up two at a time after that.

Grace did ok too – she would get a little upset with herself for the gutterballs, but she managed a comeback in Game 2. She did better than game 1 – I think  Game one was more of a practise run for all concerned.

Grace is Sue’s next door neighbour and of the 4 at 81 years of age she is the only one not showing any signs whatsoever of slowing down. Her mind is as sharp as a tack.  I love her dry wit and sense of humour.  Sometimes she can be a little crotchity – but hey at 81 I think you have earned the right to have those “moments”.

And for the record – Sue and I are the youngsters in the Gang. Dad is 77, mom 75, Ivy 80 and Grace 81.  I am the baby at 48; Sue is…well I’m not going to tell you but safe to say she is a tad older than me but lots younger than mom LOL.

Sue and I played the second game with Dad, Ivy and Grace.  It was a blast.  We decided that we (Sue and I) would not “try” so that the Sr.’s would think they were whipping our butts…It worked for me, my score sucked…oh ya, I was trying LOLOLOLOL.  I am just bad at the game.  But I love going out and playing on Thursday nights.

Tonight will be a definate A535 and painkiller night in this house, I can tell you that LOL. 

All in all a good day for all of us.

Tomorrow is BINGO!!!  I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow. LOL

Hope your day has been as fun as ours.



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