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Happy Birthday to you…

Dear Maggie Kate

21 years ago this afternoon you made your entrance into this world.  I can still remember that day as though it was yesterday. ( Happily I didn’t feel as awful back then as I did for the real yesterday.)

Upon coming home from the hospital, I named you Worm, a name that has stuck with you since.  You were all bundled up because it was February but the minute we removed all the swaddling you moved like a squirming worm…

You have grown from a little tomboy to a bigger tomboy housed in a beautiful woman’s body.  Not only are you beautiful outside, you are beautiful inside too.  You shine with enthusiasm, stubborness (which you get from both sides of your family) and most importantly an amazing sense of independance.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this, you have shown that independant streak since the day you were born, refusing to look at your dad as he leaned into the cradle to take one of the first of many pictures.

I look back on those pictures and they all make me smile.  My favourites include you in your high chair, half naked on your first birthday eating half a grapefruit at Gramma and Grampa’s.  You had a fever that night but you still managed to eat – Hmmm…LOL  You sitting on the floor with your skirt all splayed out around you, you and Alex dressed for Halloween…the list goes on to more recent pictures. You and Gramma at the house at Presquile, you and Bosco, you dressed up like Ragedy Anne…

I always say that you got all your good qualities from me.  Alas, it is time for me to come clean.  Although I had a hand in some (or would like to think so) you are what you are because of your mom and dad.  No one is prouder of you than them, although there are many standing in line behind them.

You latest adventure has taken you into a realm of entreprenuership with the love of your life.  May your love for him and your dream of your own business last a lifetime.

I couldn’t love you move if you had been my own daughter.  There are a million things I could write here but I don’t want to embarrass you any further.  So I won’t.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays today Magz.  At 21 years old you can vote in any country in the world, you can drink in any country that allows drinking and most importantly, you can DRIVE in New York City.

Have a great day and many many more birthdays.

I love you Magz.

Happy Birthday

Love always

Aunt Nance.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to you…

  1. Maggie Kate February 17, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Thanks so much Aunt Nanc!
    I was bawling all the way through!
    I can’t believe I’m 21!… Some days I feel like I’m going to be 30. And some days – not as much latly- but some days I feel like I am 10. I have so much responsibility now I sometimes feel trapt. I want to take a vacation, I want to travel to Brighton… I want to see a movie. But I can’t. Most people look forward to the weekend all week long, but I know that I work even more on the weekends than I do during the week and its tireing.
    So I decided if I wasn’t going to drink and I wasn’t going to party on my birthday I had to do something so crazy, so insane that only I would do it. Only ME of all people. So they cut me a hole in the ice (Which was 13 inches thick) and I jumped in the hole! =D Always being the leader, Owen couldn’t help but follow me in.

    Thanks so much Aunt Nanc, I love you so very much and I wish I didn’t live quite so far away, but hey, it could be further! You did so much for me and taught me so much that I will never forget.
    *forgive my spelling but…
    Seneorita, Marguerita Porvavore.

    Ps. You may owe me a trip to Mexico… But I’ll take you to Greece…

  2. serendopeity February 17, 2009 at 11:49 am

    Holy Crap Magz LOL
    Of all the people I know, you would be the one to jump into a freezing cold lake. And you know what??? I am not surprised, shocked or anything other than so very proud of you. You are one of the guttiest people I have ever known. LOL.
    And spelling it doesn’t count, you have to say it LOL. But – I will forgive spelling and even diction and trade Mexico off for Greece…when you wanna go??? LOL. I love you sweetie, and we will always have Ottawa and Quebec!!!!

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