The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

106. I have a Chocolate Lab named Bosco.

How could anyone mistreat an animal, especially one this cute?




This is my “baby” Bosco.  I got him from a woman who had rescued him from a Lab Rescue Shelter.  He was 15 months old when I got him in 2003.  The people who had him originally had, since the day they got him, kept him in a cage.  No walks, no playtime – he ate, slept and did his doggy business in that cage.  Why they had ever gotten a pet was beyond me, but I was thankful for the turn of events that got him to me.  The woman I got him from had gotten a new job and was moving from a house in Kitchener to an apartment in Toronto and thought it unfair for him to be in an apartment.  I could tell from speaking with her that she loved this dog, but she couldn’t keep him.  I picked him up on Saturday, brought him home on Sunday.  He has been my “baby” ever since.  He is truly my best friend.  We had some issues when he first got here but happily they have been resolved. He still doesn’t like it when I go out.  He could have people around him 24/7 and it still wouldn’t be enough for him.  He is very social and I have only ever seen him growl once and that was at another dog that used to cut across the front lawn on a daily basis.  The dog in question was a nasty dog – he didn’t like anyone, animal or human except his owner – and his owner wasn’t the most likeable person either. 

Bosco or Boo as I like to call him (don’t ask why because I don’t know) runs this house.  He has me trained – but more importantly he has dad trained too.  My father and Boo have a bond that is unbreakable.  Additionally Boo likes to sleep on mom and dad’s bed.  This isn’t too much of a problem when mom is sleeping but dad has been known to sleep in the chair beside the bed as not to disturb the sleeping dog. LOLOLOLOL.  But, it was Boo’s bed before mom and dad moved in so I guess he has squatter’s rights.  I always tell dad, just kick him off the bed but dad won’t.  I tell ya, the dog gets away with everything LOL.

He likes to sit under the dinner table – either with his head on my knee if he thinks he is going to get some of my dinner.  If I tell him to “go away” he does – straight over to the other side and puts his head on dad’s knee because he KNOWS he is going to get something to eat no matter what.  Mom is a little more cautious handing over her food – she loves to eat as much as the dog does.  It is always a test of wills to see how long it takes for her to hand over a bite of something.  She eventually does but not before she has made it known that she has been goaded into it.  I have always said that if my mom or my dog stop eating there is a problem going on.  Boo likes everything but lettuce and dill pickles but if either are on a sandwich or a burger he will happily scarf them down.  His most favourite thing is kielbasa.  I am not sure why but he will do just about anything for a chunk of it.  And I don’t know how, but he can always tell which bag it is in when I bring home the groceries. 

All this eating has made him a little portly – ok, more than a little.  This wouldn’t be too much of a problem but he likes to think he is a lap dog…and he has a habit of jumping on me in the mornings to wake me up.  When I first brought him home I was still working.  The alarm would go off and I would hit the snooze button.  No snoozing for Bosco – it was time to get up.  If I didn’t get up immediately he would stand up and then flop on top of me.  That got me up pretty quick.  I call him my Slim Fast Diet Failure Poster Boy.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I was worried about what would happen to Bosco while I was in the hospital and recovering.  I would be gone from home for at least 6 weeks and then when I returned would be heading out for Kingston weekly for another 6 weeks.  Additionally there was no way I could risk him jumping or flopping on me after major surgery.  My brother Jim and his family agreed to take Bosco in while I was away.  The day I left him at Jim’s was one of the saddest days ever in my life.  I had always promised Bosco I would never leave him.  It was a deal we made with each other when I first brought him home.  As I left Jim’s that day, crying, I told him “Mommy would be home soon”.  I hated lying to him – he was my buddy – and at that point I didn’t know if I would ever see him again…

When I finally got to pick him up almost 6 months later I thought he would have forgotten me or at least been very mad at me for leaving him but he didn’t/wasn’t.  He was as happy to see me, as I was to see him.  But, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t sleep with me right away.  I was still undergoing my final 2 chemo rounds and was pretty sick.  Boo would sit at my bedside and the minute I moved his ears would pick up and he would look at me as if to ask if I was ok.  There were days when I was not ok – days that I wished it would all be over, I was that sick.  He would follow me to the bathroom and sit outside the door.  If I cried (and there were days…) he would sit his head on my lap as if he were crying with me.  I couldn’t walk him, but my nephew Alex would come over every morning and take him to the beach. 

I truly believe that Bosco saved my life.  Without him, I would have probably given up fighting but I knew if I did he would again be “abandoned” and that was not going to happen.

I love my dog and in return my dog loves me – unconditionally.  Even when I scold him he looks at me with those big eyes and I am instantly smiling and laughing again.  I can’t stay mad at him – look at that face.  I have been told that he has human eyes – and he does.  Somewhere in there is a human soul. 

I would lay down my life for my dog and I know in my heart he would do the same for me.



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