The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

Update Time

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend here lately so it’s time to update.

Everyone is finally over the 48 hour bug that lasted a week.  It wasn’t pretty and I am glad it is over and will cross my fingers that it never returns.  The fallout has been minimal, however it took me getting sick to realize that I cannot do all this on my own – I need help.  The pre-case worker from Community Access called on Saturday to get some prelim information.  She says that my situation sounds like I am eligible for some help – perhaps a Personal Service Worker to help with Mom and also someone who can watch mom and dad while I get to go and run errands.  Fun wow – but it is easier than always having to take them along.  She told me there are only 2 case workers for Brighton which is kind of ridiculous considering it is a town of mostly old people who need the service.  But I guess Government money only goes so far.  Hopefully a caseworker will contact me this week and we sill be set up within 2 weeks.  Let’s see how that goes.


Landlord Man update – the news we have all been waiting for.  It was not as good as I had expected but I will be getting back all the money that was overpaid in illegal rent and the cash I spent to have the dryer repaired.  He has until March 6 to repay or I can take it off the rent going forward for the next couple of months.  I know he won’t be sending me the cash anytime soon so I guess that means reduced rent.  This is a good thing – I can save more money for my trip to Lake George and Minneapolis in June.  Madam Chair hd some comments for him – mainly that he needs to learn the Residential Tenancies Act.  What really burns my btt is that although she even says in the Order that he has a “blatant disregard” for the Act she did not fine him.  Nor did she allow my request for compensation re the hydro and gas as “it is not a matter of maintenance or safety and therefore not allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act”.  So my next step is to take him to Small Claims Court.  However, I am also looking at having him charged under the  Criminal Code of  Canada for Theft.  I am waiting to hear back from some Police buddies on that one.  The gas bill for last month was almost $600.00.  It has never been that much – the most was last year for a month at $360.00.  The furnace is running all the time because the heat is being sucked into the next building.  I also found out last weel that he had the hydro shut off in that building because he didn’t pay the bill.  The basement apartment flooded when the snow began to melt and he had to hook up to my hydro to pump it out.  The sump pump is still hooked up to my hydro – he doesn’t know that I know that but I have the pics to prove it now. 

I went through a phase last week when I thought I was becoming the tenant from hell but then realized that I am not doing anything more than standing up to a Bully and a thief.  I am not the bad guy in all of this – he is and quite frankly I despise the man and everything he does.  So perhaps I am becoming a little vindictive in my old age but I think not.  I am just sick to death of being taken advantage of because I am a nice person.  Enough is enough.  Had he asked to use the hydro for the pump chances are I would have said yes – however, instead he just went ahead and did it.  Not a smart move in my opinion.  This is a man who broke the law on numerous occassions and then had the audacity to tell Madam Chair that the reason that I hauled him up in front of the Landlord Tenant Board is because I was mad that he “fired” me and my friends from his store.  That is another point of contention – he has told people that we stole from him. When I confronted him on this issue and said – “Ok well you have the surveillance tapes lets see them.  Show me where I stole from you”.  He shut right up and said that those tapes were none of my business.  So I further baited him “Ok, then have me arrested for stealing and the tapes will be your proof in court”.  Again I was told that it was none of my business. So, how does that work.  I am accused of stealing, he has the tapes to “proove” it, yet they are none of my business???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I know I did not steal anything from him so I also know there is no tape showing me doing so.  So I guess, this could be another one for Civil Court…

Bosco has an ear infection as per usual although this one sems to be a bit different than the ones he normally gets.  It almost looks like more of an allergy than the usual ear infection.  We are off to the vet later this week.

Now that mom and dad are back to being well (?) their normal activities this week will resume.  Mom is off to her Woman’s Group tomorrow afternoon. Bowling is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, Dad’s Men’s Group Thursday morning and BINGO thursday afternoon.  Somewhere in all of this I hope the caseworker can make a visit and get us on the right track with some help. 

I am tired all the time.  At first I worried that perhaps my EC was rearing its ugly head again but I don’t think that anymore.  Looking at my sleep habits and my full schedule it is not surprising that I am tired.  I am getting too old for all of this LOL.  I need a break and am so looking forward to June when I can get away and have no responsibilites for a  couple of days.  How nice it will be not to have to get up,  make meals, do the dishes and spend the day doing it all.  If only I could win the lottery…

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I haven’t left anything out.  It’s time to get dinner ready – what else is new.

Hope your week is filled with fun and frivolity.  Life is short, eat dessert first.




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