The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

What would you do for 15 minutes of fame?

I was in the grocery store today and at the checkout read some of the front covers of the “Rag Mags”.  I never buy them anymore.  I say anymore because I will admit that I used to buy Star magazine weekly because Sundays were always my day to sit around doing nothing but Crossword puzzles and the Star always had a great puzzle.  However, these days I don’t have time for crosswords and my magazine tastes run more toward anything with recipes.

I figure I have already had my 15 minutes of fame.  I am the award winning photographer of a picture taken at the Grand Canyon.  I didn’t even realize I had taken the picture until it was developed – in the days before I had a digital camera.  There is a possibility I will have another 15 minutes in the future.  My friend Cheryl is a journalist and has written an article about Esophageal Cancer for Reader’s Digest.  Cheryl’s husband Bill passed away from EC and her article is about Bill, myself and another family’s story of EC.  Reader’s Digest has already called me and confirmed the facts – it is just a question of when the article will be published.  If for no other reason I hope it is soon so Cheryl will get paid for her hard work and having the strength to once again relive Bill’s fight and eventual passing.  There has already been one article written about me and my “adventure” with EC in our local paper here.  I don’t know if that counts for 15 minutes of  fame or not – it’s a pretty small circulation. 

This week People Magazine’s cover has a little blurb on it about Melissa Rycroft’s new boyfriend, new job and her new TV stint on Dancing With The Stars.  I love DWTS and watch it religiously on Monday nights.  I saw her dance last week and she was beautiful.  I am glad that she has parlayed her humiliation from “The Bachelor” into something worthwhile instead of agreeing to be the new Bachelorette.  I am hopful that Melissa realized that finding the man of your dreams in 8 weeks with half the world watching is a disaster waiting to happen.  I am sure she did – the disgusting way that Jason Mesnik (or whatever his name is – I prefer to call him a–hole) broke her heart in front of millions should go down as one of the all time tragic TV moments.  Yes. I know that he had a contract and only did what the contract said he had to do but there is no contract in the world that justifies what he did to Melissa.  I do hope that Melissa has really moved on to bigger and better things and chalks her time on “The Bachelor” as a life experience that she could have done without but is a better person for enduring.  Here’s hoping you win DWTS Melissa.

Tom Cruise has told Katie Holmes-Cruise that she needs to lose weight – go for it Katie – I know how you could lose about 180 in a New York City minute.  Dump Tom.

Angelina finds Brad in bed with the nanny.  Whatever!!!!!!!

And on a sad note – the pictures of Patrick Swayze broke my heart. The accompanying headline that Patrick is almost out of time almost brought me to tears.  But did they have to print a picture and point out his chemo port???  WTF?  Unless living in a cave has been your thing for the last 6 months everyone knows that he is undergoing chemo and radiation for pancreatic cancer which is the most deadliest cancer out there. Let the man have some dignity.   I have been a fan since Red Dawn came out when I was a teenager. I loved Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse.  I own both on DVD and watch them alot.  I have watched his new series “The Beast” on A&E and am amazed that he was able to film it in his present state.  He does look more like his brother now though.  My heart goes out to him and his family.  And in the words of my friend Steve – it is what it is.  Good Luck Patrick.

And last but not least, we have Jade Goody.  Jade was a Big Brother contestant in the UK and in India.  While on the India show making her mark as a racist,  she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Please do not misunderstand – I am so sorry that she is in the last stages of her life.  However, letting TV cameras record it all is just way beyond my scope of comprehension.  She was married on TV a couple of weeks ago, and now the cameras are recording her final days. Jade says she is doing this so that her sons will have a better life with the money she is being paid.  Sorry Jade, in my opinion that is a piss poor excuse for letting the world invade your privacy and watch you die.  Yes, I have said it.  You are dying Jade and instead of letting your boys have quality time with whatever time you have left you have instead initiated something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives – money or not!

Kudos to Melissa for turning her 15 minutes into at least a couple of hours.  Katie – dump Tom.  Brad – you should have stayed with Jen.  Patrick – I am so sorry and Jade , I am sorry that you too have cancer but I still think there was a better way to help your sons. 

What would you do for 15 minutes of  fame?  Was Andy Warhol right – everyone will have 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime??  If   you think he was right – what do you want your 15 minutes to accomplish???




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