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Lunatic Rantings

So, the new dishwasher is going back.  It is sitting in the kitchen, full of water and dirty dishes.  Why? you ask?  Well the damn thing doesn’t work that’s why.  And I am so angry that I cannot even begin to get mad.  It has been here for less than 1 week – yep that’s right.  It was delivered last Tuesday with stuff missing.  Wednesday I went and picked up the missing pieces and Thursday loaded it up.  It worked fine, although there was a little more water in the bottom than I had expected, but it has a function that you can hit the start button twice and it will drain.  So I did, and it drained out some of the water.  Due to my inexperience around dishwashers and after reading the non-user friendly manual I came to the conclusion that not all the water would disappear. 

Saturday I had enough dished for a full load so again I hooked it up and let it start the cycle.  Half way through I walked into the kitchen and the dishwasher was totally silent.  I thought it was just getting ready to changes cycles and went about my evening.  At 10:30 pm it hadn’t done a thing.  I tried the two push drain mechanism – nope, nothing.  Realizing that there was nothing I could do until Sunday morning I unplugged it and headed to bed.

Sunday morning first thing I called Leon’s only to find out that Leon’s doesn’t open until noon on Sundays.  When I finally got through to my salesperson Adam he immediatley passed me on to customer service.  Fran in customer service told me that she would have to call me back because they were in the middle of a power outage and she could not pull up my order on the computer.  I told her that was fine, but bottom line was that I wanted the truck that delivered to Brighton on Tuesdays to pick up the dishwasher and take it away.  I did not want it repaired – it was less than a week old – just get it the hell out of here!  She said she would take to the manager and call me back as soon as the power came back on.

True to her word she did call me back later in the afternoon.  For some reason I decided that I was not going to get angry with her – it’s not her fault the dishwasher doesn’t work but at the same time as a representative of Leon’s she better have good news for me!

I have to go to Leon’s on Wednesday and pick out a new dishwasher.  They had no more of the one I got so they could not just send out a replacement.  I am more angry about the inconveinece of the whole thing more than anything else.  I understand that Leon’s is not to blame – they cannot be expected to test drive every appliance they sell and even if they had have it would have worked the first time for them anyway.   And besides Wednesday would have been my first “ME” day.  Mom and Dad start a Day Program on Wednesday giving me some much needed time to run errands and the like.  But instead I will be at Leon’s picking out a new dishwasher…there had better be some major sucking up done by the Leon’s staff on Wednesday…

I finally got the living room…Landlord man was here on Saturday and opened the door to the room and sealed the door to the store.  Dad and I spent most of Saturday cleaning the room.  He swept and I washed the floor.  Damn, it’s a big room and a big floor to wash.  I also polished up the fireplace but there is some type of film on it so it will have to be washed with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  It is a beautiful old fireplace with a natural gas insert so at least next winter we will be warm in the big room.  I will try and post some pics this week of the before/after.  I want to have it painted and Landlord Man gave me permission to paint it.  However, I did ask Landlord Man if he was planning to try and evict me at the end of September…

He has become quite humble the last couple of times I have seen him.  I am not sure why but for whatever reason he is much more accomodating than before.  When I asked him if he was going to try and kick me out at the end of the lease he said that as long as his tenants pay their rent and the mortgage is paid he is fine with that.  I will be sending him off an email to re confirm our discussion and to cover my butt – I have learned, no thanks to him, that the best way of dealing with him is to get it in writing and so I will.

I am having a Pampered Chef party on Wednesday night in my new living room. I have invited about 30 people.  Wether they all show up or not who knows?  But at least I know the “core” will be here.  We have been having these pampered chef parties now, about one a month moving them from house to house so atleast 7 people will be here.  LOL.  It’s a fun night and I get cool stuff for cheaper than I have the last 6 parties.  Pampered Chef does have nice quality products but I think they are a little over priced on some things.  But this week it is my turn to get 60% off so I think the Stone Baker is going to be gracing my kitchen in the very near future.

I was supposed to work last week but this bronchitis thing just won’t go away.  It is much better than it was but now mom and dad are coughing too.  It never fails, one of us gets something and just as we are getting ove it the next one gets it.  I have figured out that we have spent the last 7 weeks being sick in one form or another and honestly I am sick of being sick.  I am just so damn tired all the time and never get anything accomplished that I set out to do becasue I am so tired.  The anti-biotics that the Dr. gave me don’t seem to be working so I have given up on them and gone back to my old standby script of Amoxillin and Clavulin.  That one works!  Dr. Man is not going to be too impressed but I really don’t care.  The one he gave me isn’t working and I have come to learn that I need to do what I need to do to be well again.  I don’t have time to be sick.

Have a great week



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