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Doris and Adam and the liver transplant.

I finally got to talk to Joey today.  He sounded so relieved that I almost wanted to cry – not from sadness but rather happiness.  See, Joey is the kind of guy that is very laid back.  He calls thems as he sees them and alot rolls off  his back like water off a duck.  I can always count on him to make me laugh but the last time I spoke with him he wasn’t the “same old Joey” that I had always known. Understandably so, Doris needed a new liver and Adam was about to give her part of his.  This is his family, his wife, his son, it does not take any stretch of the imagination to to see the stress that all of them were undergoing.  Additionally, Doris and Joey have 2 other children Christopher and Ashleigh.  Christopher is their first born and Adam and Ashleigh are twins.  I can remember all three of them being just little things not even as high as the dining room table.

I am happy to report that Doris and Adam are doing great.  Adam is already requesting Pizza and Pattitisi (sp) and so I am willing to bet great amounts of money that he is doing just fine.  He will be going to a “regular room”  in the hospital in the next day or two and has had all surgical tubes removed.  He even walked to his mom’s room today to see her!!!!!

Doris is also doing great.  The section of Adam’s liver that was transplanted into his mom fit “perfectly”.  Joey told me that her colour is already improving and her other organs are functioning well.  Doris has also had most of her tubes removed and will be in the step down unit either tonight or tomorrow.  This means she will be out of ICU.  Her BP was a little high, but her mom was coming to visit tonight and Joey was hopeful that would calm her down a little and lower her BP.  High BP is nothing to ignore but under the circumstances it is understandable to be a little stressed.  I can relate.

So, all in all a good day.  I am so grateful that Doris and Adam are doing so well and when I told Joey today that I am looking forward to them visiting in the summer I truly meant it.  It is great to re-connect with old friends and even when the situation isn’t ideal, good can come out of everything.

Have a great night everyone, talk to you tomorrow.



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