The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

Update time!!!

I last spoke with Joey on Friday night and he was hoping that Adam would be home from the hospital on Saturday.  There was also a bit of a buzz that Doris might be coming home at that time too, but Joey didn’t hold out much hope for that.  Not that Doris isn’t doing great, he just thought that it was still a little early for her to be coming home.  I haven’t called because I am afraid I will wake someone up so when Doris is feeling up to it I asked Joey to have her call me.  That way I am not interupting her at a “bad” time – like when the nurse is there or something.  I am so glad things have worked out for all of them – be well guys – you have earned it.


Jean will get the results of her last surgery on April 15th.  And no matter what the results she is determined to leave on vacation to Hawaii a couple of days after that. I say go for it, have an awesome time and deal with your test results when you get back. 


I am a little worried – Joey and Doris and their family seem to be bouncing back from their ordeal, however, Joey’s sister Mary, my BFF is on vacation in Italy right now.  I do not know where, but it is in a wine region somewhere – and I guess alot of Italy is wine region so that is of no real info where she and her husband are right now.  All I know is that Italy had major earthquakes over the weekend.  Wherever you are Mary, I hope you are all ok.  I miss you, I love you, come home soon in one piece ok? 

My friend Steve and his wife Sheila are on their way to New York City tomorrow from their home in Florida.  In a couple of weeks Steve will undergo surgery for Esophageal Cancer.  He has had his radiation and chemo and came through both with flying colours and I KNOW he will do well with the surgery.  He will be at Memorial Sloan Kettering – who has the reputation of being one of the best places for EC surgery.  Knowing others who have had their surgery there and having nothing but great things to say about MKS, I am sure that Steve is in great hands and will be on his way home in no time at all. Godspeed Steve…I will be waiting for the good news.


Mom and dad started their “Group” last Wednesday.  I was a little skeptical at first.  Dad is really shy until he knows people well and putting him in a rooom with a group of people he doesn’t know well – I was a little worried.  However, I really needn’t be.  When I got there to pick them up at 3:00 there was a delay because Dad, Jamie and Jack were still deeply involved in a Cribbage game.  So much for being worried LOL.  Mom and the group of ladies were cutting out really nice pictures of birds and plants and spring things, and this week they will make a Seasonal Collage to hang on the wall.  On the way home I asked them if they had a good time and would they like to go again.  Both of them gave me enthusiatic “yesses” so they will once again be going this coming Wednesday.  While they are there I will be able to get my Easter Dinner shopping done – that way I am out of the stores before the Thursday night rush.

I will be holding Easter Dinner on Saturday night and my brother Jim and his family will be here, along with some neighbours and friends.  My Aunt will be home from her wintering in the South so it will be a good weekend to catch up with everyone.  I hope we have some nicer weather that we have had – we have had rain , rain and more rain.  The backyard is a mud hole and Bosco just loves to go out and get all nice and muddy and then run into the house, right by me while I stand there holding is towel in my hand.  I swear he laughs on the way by.  Good thing the floors are laminate in the dining room and kitchen.  I refuse to wash them until Friday this week – otherwise I would spend all my time washing floors.  And I have too many other things that need to be done.

My pampered chef party was a great sucess even though I din’t have near as many attednees as I thought I would. But that’s ok.  I still had enough in sales to get a pile of things for free and at a discount so I am a happy camper. 

The new dishwasher is here and works really well.  It didn’t stop half way through the second load like the first one so the way I see it, I am already ahead of the game.  It makes life so much easier – mom has a tendancy to “wipe” the dishes instead of wwashing them, leaving me exasperated at best.  Now when I take the dishes into the kitchen, they go straight into the dw and if she can’t see them she can’t think she is washing them.  I have seen quite a difference in her lately.  Her words don’t want to come out of her mouth and we get a mumble jumble of something that is totally void of any sense at all.  It really breaks my heart to see her this way.  She is my mom – the one person I could count on and now – most of the time we are at lagerheads and she doesn’t know who I am.  It will be interesting to see my brothers reaction on the weekend.  He hasn’t seen mom or dad since Christmas and both have gotten worse since then. His kids haven’t seen Gramma and Grampa since at least last summer – I am glad that they had time when they were younger to see what their grandparents were like at one time.  I hope they understand that this disease that has robbed mom and dad of almost everything is just that, a disease. 

Thats about it for now.  I will have more later this week.  So stay tuned.  And Mary – if you are reading this in Italy please let me know that you are ok.  I love you bud.


Have a great week, keep smiling and remember – Life is short, eat dessert first.




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