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Happy Birthday to You…BOTH

Today marks the 14th year of existance for my twin neice and nephew Jamie Lee and Michael. 

I still remember the day they were born.  And I also remember how well they were “feed” before they were born. LOL

Jamie can probably still tell you how she “took all Michael’s food” and because of that when he was born he had to spend some time in an incubator at the hospital.  Every two hours someone would head over to Credit Valley and gently take him out of his warm little home and feed him.  Meanwhile at home, little Miss Muffet would be scarfing down her bottle.

Funny thing tho, with twins.  If Jamie was having a fussy time at home, Michael was having one in the hospital.  Once one settled down the other would even though they were a couple of miles apart.  Although very different they are still very much alike, although they would never admit it. When Michael finlly got to come home, neither of them would settle down until they were in the same crib.  Once that was the case they were fine.  I remember babysitting them one night before they were in the same crib.  Oh my…I would just get one settled down and the other would start crying and we would start all over again.  It was a long night.

Between feedings and diaper changes I am not sure how my brother and sister-in-law did it. LOL One baby is a lot of work, two was…well it was a job well done.  Both Jamie and Michael are awesome young people in their own right.

There are some noticable differences (apart from the fact that they are of different sexes).  Jamie is our athlete.  She plays Ringette and this coming season will be playing in Richmond Hill.  That is a little cool because her grandmother, my mother was born in Richmond Hill.  I hope that one day when she is there she will get her dad to take her to Harding Road…I also hope that somewhere in her busy summer whe will be able to keep a week or two open and come and spend them with her Aunt Nanc.  (LOL I can hope can’t I Jamie ???)

I can remember when the two of them were just toddlers and mom babysat them.  True to gender calling Jamie would pick up little things and put them in their place.  Michael, on the other hand, would kick them out of the way and just move on.  That’s when I realized the true difference between girls and boys and that it was purely genetic.  My mom never treated either of them different from the other based on their sex.  And yet, they both had charateristics that are considered gender specific. 

Michael is our Techie, which is awesome because if I have a puter problem I know who to call.  He came and spent a couple of weeks with me last summer and it was one of the best summers I ever had.  We had a great time, even if he didn’t catch as many fish as he had hoped to LOL.  When are you coming back Mike???

Whatever you both do today I hope you have a great day.  You only get to be 14 once so use it wisely.

Save me a piece of birthday cake.


I love you, happy birthday

Auntie Nanc.

Mike and Jamie having fun!

Mike and Jamie having fun!


One response to “Happy Birthday to You…BOTH

  1. Latane May 20, 2009 at 10:16 am

    I am so excited for you and happy, too. Rest… much needed rest and a sense of not having to listen out and be on call 24/7. And, your trip. I hope you have a blast. Our wedding was just the most wonderful picker-upper for me and I hope it is for you. I want to hear all about it when you get back. You matter to me, good blogging friend!! We survivors rule the world!! Don’t forget that.

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