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Heads Up

The July issue of the Canadian Edition of  Readers Digest is on sale now.

I personally bought 16 copies of it today at the local Sobey’s store LOL.  Ok, I’ll admit it, it was all the copies they had.

If you happen to come across one, page 36 is an article about the dangers of heartburn and how it can kill you.  The article was written by Cheryl Hawkes who lost her husband Bill Cameron to EC.  And did I mention that there is a paragraph or 3 about MOI???????  Oh well, if I hadn’t on many other occassions I am now…

Cheryl and I became friends because of EC, and have remained friends.  I think she is an awesome woman.  Additionally she is an awesome journalist.

Pick up a copy and see for yourself.


We now return you to our regulary  scheduled programming.


3 responses to “Heads Up

  1. Maggie June 12, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    To the best! from the best! EC fighters.. I am so glad you had a good vacation. I will try to find the Canadian RD online because lol they do not sell it in the USA. I will touch base soon just dropping by to show you some love.

    Sorry you are back to reality.. to bad vacations can’t last till retirement.

    Love and Prayers

  2. maggie June 14, 2009 at 8:10 am


    we did it the link to our story, finally got someone to listen here.

    Need more awareness but it is a start and as bad as it has been for us, it has been worse for others. thanks to people like you my fight and hope has been restored and we will overcome.

    Love MAggie

  3. serendopeity June 15, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Hey Maggie
    The article was great. I am so glad to see that if you are persistant enough
    someone will finally listen. That’s what I had to do here to get my story in the
    local paper. It did help that someone else here who was very popular had
    passed away from EC just before the article ran.
    We all have to keep fighting.
    Whether it is Keith and I as survivors or you and every other caregiver out there.
    EC is a horrible disease and it’s after effects are ever lasting. As you know
    the more people who know about it and see themselves with symptoms of Barett’s or
    EC the more people that can be helped before it is too late.
    Thanks for dropping by serendopeity. Your comments are always welcome and I enjoy
    reading them.

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