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A 3 Hour Tour – Day 2

OK so it wasn’t 3 hours it was only 2 and it wasn’t a cabin cruiser it was a steamboat LOL.  But no matter what the vehicle or the time frame it was a really nice way to spend some time on the Lake. (BTW – how did MaryAnne, Ginger and Mrs. Howell have all those clothes on board?)

When we were in Lake George last fall we went on an boat tour of Lake George.  It was on an honest-to-goodness Steamboat and everytime the steam whistle blew we got covered in mist.  The boat was called the Mini-Haw-Haw and it is one of the last steamboats in the US that runs under real steam power.  You can even walk through the room where the steam machine thingy is (ok so maybe I didn’t pay attention to the terminology LOL) and see how the steam is produced.

This time we went on another boat the Ste. Sacrement.  We took the 2 hour cruise which included a buffet lunch and with the extra hour the boat cruised further north into the Lake than the one we had been on previously.

Lunch was pleasant – a buffet that included Roast beef, ham, turkey, a lot of different salads, potatoes, rolls, soup – all the standard stuff.  Dessert was a Tiramisu that was very good – light on the coffee.  After lunch we were able to either stay at our table and watch the lake go by or hit the outer decks and bask in the sun.  We chose to bask in the sun. 

 Lake George is a fairly large lake and at it’s deepest runs about 200 feet. The village of Lake George sits to the west of the lake.  Behind the village is a set of hills.  There are a few homes setting up high in the hills – what magnificent views they must have    To the east, another  ridge of high hills encloses it with the cottages and homes sitting at the bottom of the hills.  The hills on both sides of the  lake  essentially puts Lake George and the surrounding areas in the valley at the south end of Adirondack Park.

 The tour took us north up the lake.  We passed Millionaires Row – which is aptly named – some of the “cottages” are bigger than what I would call a mansion on this side of the border.  Some of them that were once single family homes have been converted into resorts of the Rich and Famous kind.  The one thing I noticed about alot of them was the size of the surrounding property and the “boat houses”.  The boat houses ranged from your basic boathouse to buildings that were more like floating cottages.  Most had at least 2 garage doors and decks on top.  Alot had been modelled after the original style of the building on the property.  It was actually kind of cool to see a boathouse that was a mini version of the main house/cottage.  The properties were all nicely manicured and since it was the beginning of June, alot of flowers were in bloom.  We also passed the Sagamore Hotel and Resort.  This was the third version of the original hotel and it is much more grand than the original.  It immediately brough to mind the movie Dirty Dancing.  Although the movie wasn’t filmed there it could have been.  For some reason the Sagamore sounded very familiar to me but I am not sure why and I still haven’t figured it out. But I will after some more research.  I am by no means a cheap person but I refused to pay $37.00 for a paperback book on the boat with the history of the Sagamore! I may be a tourist but I am not stupid LOL.

The Sagamore Hotel and Resort

The Sagamore Hotel and Resort

Rick has much better pictures on his camera so I will have to get them from him and post them later.

After the boat docked everyone went on their separate ways.  Adam and I chose to hit the vendors that were set up for Americade.  Most of them were Motorcycle related and since I don’t own a bike I skipped over the majority of the booths.  My search was more for other things – like jewelry.  I did manage to find a vendor who sold the type of jewelry I was looking for.  I had been to Niagara Falls last summer and found a store that sold awesome stuff.  I picked up a ring and earrings to match.  They were a little pricey but good value for the price.  At Lake George I found the necklace to match.  Right there on Day 2 my trip was made! LOL.  I still had to find an outfit for my cousin Kate’s wedding reception in Minneapolis but that wouldn’t come until Shopping Day LOL.

I watched a bike being airbrushed and it was truly a work of art. 

There were a myriad of vendors selling everything that one could ask for if you owned a bike.  Alas I don’t so after a quick cruise by we left the vendors.

Walking back to the motel took me by the main Harley set up.  Here you could test drive a Harley and there was a pretty good line up for it.  I couldn’t test drive one – no motorcycle licsence – but I watched for a little bit and it was kind of funny.  Most of the “test drivers” were men and they all looked really excited to be waiting to test drive a Harley.  LOL.  Going by the Harley area also took me passed a long line of bikes…

Harley Row

  Harley Row


and still...more bikes

and still...more bikes

I started walking back to the motel and that’s when I discovered that although it is uphill,  if you walk on the west side of the street it is a little less of an incline, almost like a race track that is banked.  This was good info to know as we walked back and forth all the time and it didn’t seem to be as much of a daunting task if you were on the west side LOL.

Back at the motel Sue and Rick were poolside catching some sun so I joined them and got a bit of colour finally…

Rick decided to skip dinner and take a nap so Sue, MaryJane, Adam and I headed back into town to see what was on the menu.  We ended up at JC Montana’s on the patio.  Everyting on the menu sounded great – I hate menu’s for that reason LOL, again I settled on appetizers – a bowl of steammed mussels and a small ceasar salad.  The problem was that it had started getting cooler and after spending some time in the sun all day Sue and I were freezing.  We hadn’t brought jackets – when we left the motel the sun was still out, but now the clouds were starting to come in and with them the cooler night air.  What is a tourist too do????  Well, you just go next door to the T-Shirt shop and get a warm sweater LOL.

Sue and I both went and she found a fleece in her size no problem.  They didn’t have my size but the guy in the store said he would run down the street to the other store and check.  They didn’t have one either but he said that he would go up to the stock room and look there.  By this time dinner was on the table so I told him “Thanks but I gotta go”.  Sue and I went back to the patio to eat.  Next thing I know the guy from the store is there with my shirt which was still warm from the printing of the logo on it LOL.  Sue and I are now called the “DILLIGAF” twins due to our orange fleece’s LOL.

If you don’t know what DILLIGAF is ask me and I will tell you privately LOL this is a family blog!!!!!

After a quick walk around town to check out the bikes and some people watching it was back to the deck for a Bailey’s…(does anyone notice a trend here LOL?)  Time to rest up – tomorrow is shopping day – YEAH!!!!!!


7 responses to “A 3 Hour Tour – Day 2

  1. Steve June 16, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Hey Nancy,
    I guess I still have not figured out your Blog. I keep looking and the last entry was like May 22. So, Ok when will you update? Then, I saw this and there you were. I still have to go back and read the whole thing again, along with the others so I can catch up. And by the way, DILLIGAF?

  2. Steve June 16, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    And by the way, I just this morning e-mailed you about that steamboat trip that I did all those years ago on Lake George and I just went back to check out your Blog and there was the description of the boat ride; just as I remembered it. (I hope they are not using the same steam boat – that was 53 years ago)
    All the best – as usual.

  3. Latane June 16, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Nancy, I know how hard it is to not be recognized by someone who has been such an important part of your life. As the saying goes, ‘been there, done that’. We all have such tough decisions to make as we care for our loved ones. Words of encouragement never fail to make the way easier. You are just the best…. wishing you could help me…. and you do, for being there and lending support. Those things are priceless.

  4. serendopeity June 16, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for dropping by. I got your email and just sent one off to you.
    Don’t stop blogging either. It’s good for the soul and cheaper than a shrink!

  5. serendopeity June 16, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    My dear Latane.

    I will always be here Latane. I am worse than a bad cold – I don’t go away!
    I read what you write and in a strange way I can feel exactly what you are saying.
    I never thought that I would be where I am at 48 years old, but I am and that’s the long and short of it. I figure you play the hand you are dealt and get on with it. Compared to daily living, fighting cancer was a cakewalk!
    You are in my thoughts daily. Make some memories this weekend, take lots of pics and videos with sound if you can then hold them close to your heart.


  6. Latane June 18, 2009 at 9:09 am

    Oh, I want to go on that lake tour. Take me next time, huh? Just kidding, well, sort of. This weekend will be tough but I am getting such wonderful support (you are my biggest support besides my kids but don’t tell the others. ha ha) I think I will be fine. I had intended to take him Monday morning but a call from dau. Susan in NY made me change my mind. She suggested that we girls go over on Monday afternoon and take his things. Get everything all set up and looking homey and then take him into that environment on Tuesday. Sounds like a better plan and be hauling his stuff in while he is unsettled.

  7. serendopeity June 19, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Latane – you will be fine. It may be difficult adjusting at first but as time goes on you will know in your heart that you did the right thing. I think it is a good idea to go over Monday and get his things settled. It will be hard Latane but you have many people to help you, myself included. Have a good weekend, make some memories and then on Monday do what you must do. Please let me know how it goes on Tuesday.

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