The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

Outlet shopping – does it get any better than this? Day 3

A quick stop at the Harley Davidson dealer landed me a pink Harley mug.  Too funny – pink in a Harley store.  This is now my favourite mug ever and everyone here at home had been warned that no one and I mean no one but me uses the pink Harley mug.  That way if I break it I only have myself to kill…

You know that old adage when in Rome…

Well, when in an area with outlet shopping…

And I did.  I had promised myself that the only thing I was going to buy on this trip was an outfit for the wedding reception I am going to in Minneapolis next week.  Well, I hate breaking promises and go far out of my way not to but this time, I failed miserably.  Not only did I buy an outfit, I bought 2.  Yep, that is correct I now have 2 outfits to pack  and  subsequently iron upon arrival in Minneapolis.  They will require ironing as summer fabric tends to be of the cotton or linen persuasion and wrinkles horribly when packed into a suitcase.  Oh woe is me – I hate ironing!!!!  Got shoes to wear too, but after wearing them home I decided that they weren’t quite what I wanted so a quick trip around here was required.  Got the shoes! I still need a purse but that will come this week or I might even wait till the Mall of America.  I mean, hey if you can’t find a purse at the largest mall ever, what is the world coming to?

Last year on our trip I was introduced to a store called “Big Dogs”.  It was an awesome store and we were told at the time that it was closing.  They had a lot of good deals (clothes) so we loaded up pretty good.  Well, they are still open but the quality of the stuff they sell has gone downhill.  Yes, it was cheap, but not only in price 😦

I didn’t get anything at Big Dogs – and it was quite a disappointment.  But I made up for it at other stores LOL.  I think I single handedly help to boost the US economy. 

Found a new store called Harry and Davids – a gourmet place with lots of “fun” food stuff.  Picked up some Pumpkin butter and my favourite Orange Marmalade.  They were sampling Iced Coffee the day we were there – Sorry, McD’s still wins that one by a longshot.

There was also a store that sold accessories…my father wears braces on his pants.  He likes the ones that button not clip on.  Before I went away I had been in Sears to pick some up (The only store around here that sells them).  They were $35 a pair.  I picked up 3 pair but ended up leaving them in the store when Sears refused to take my mother’s Sears card which I had used very extensively at Christmas.  Since I was Nancy not Carol no sale.  As a matter of principle I refused to pay cash or use my Visa card. Hell, its not like I was trying to buy a ride on lawn mower or something and it sure is nice to know that Sears is doing so well during this recession that they don’t need my $100.00.  Anyhow I digress…

I am so glad that I didn’t buy the braces at Sears because lo ahd behold I get to the accessory store and they have then there – same brand Van Heusen but instead of $35.00 they are $11.25.  Hmmm.  So I picked up a couple of pair for dad and a belt to match.  

Lunch was a non event – the food was ok, the service passable.  However, when we were presented with the bill we were told that there had been an 18% gratuity already added.  This did not sit well with me and as a person who has been a waitress I will tell you why. The problem with added gratuities is that  the waitstaff already know they are getting a damn good tip so there is no incentive to do a good job,  or go out of your way for a customer.  A request for anything can go unheard and unfilled because, why bother – you are going to get a tip anyway.  Leaving a tip for any waitstaff should be left up to the customer not mandated by the management of  any establishment. Reward them for doing an excellent job, not just for showing up at work on their given shift.  Additionally,  the menu clearly states that any party of 6 or more will automatically be charged the 18%.  We were a party of five, not six.  When I mentioned this to our server I was met with a blank stare.  However, since I was being treated to lunch I let the issue drop.  If I had been picking up the tab there would have been some major discussion before it was paid.  And no, I am not cheap.  My standard tip is about 20% of the bill if the service warrants it.  Now, I can hear you saying that I tip more than the 18% but and this is a biggie – if the service warrants it.  If it doesn’t then I tip accordingly.  I know that alot of wait staff depend on tips but hey, earn them like the rest of the world!!!

The outlet mall parking lot was also the resting place of the Boss Hoss trikes.  In addition to the one I fell in love with, there were a couple more.  The red one had a trunk with more capacity than my Lincoln. 

A trunk big enough to carry just about anything

A trunk big enough to carry just about anything

For the bargin basement price of only $53,000 this beauty can be yours...

For the bargin basement price of only $53,000 this beauty can be yours...

But I am still sticking with my favourite…

sigh...the new love of my life.  (well except for Officer Awesome thatyou will meet on Day 6!!)

sigh...the new love of my life. (well except for Officer Awesome thatyou will meet on Day 6!!)

SO all my American friends, do you know how lucky you are to live in a country with WalMart Superstores????  We have then here in Canada but they pale in comparison with the ones you have!  Being in one in the US is like being in shopping heaven.  Everything from A-Z and then some.  I adore WalMart SS in the US.  I would move there just for that reason alone.  How sad is that – giving up free medical for a WalMart SuperStore?  Even better if it is situated beside a Sam’s Club.  Yep – we tried those here too but they didn’t go over well so they are all but gone now north of the border. Shopping in one is amazing.  You can get everything on your grocery list and more.  Yes, I truly love WalMart Superstores.
After a long day of shopping it was back to Lake Haven.  It was not a particularly nice day so we opted for a picnic around the pool at the nieghbouring motel with MaryJane and Adam. And then once again headed into town.    A lot more bikes have arrived and even more will roll in tomorrow.  I am so used to the roar of engines that it is only when they stop I notice them or more I notice the quiet in their place.  A very strange sensation if I do say so LOL.
A short time later it was…you guessed it: sit on the deck, watch the bikes go by and sip  Bailey’s Time.
Tomorrow we are off to Whiteface Mountain and Day 4.

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