The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

You are not leaving this house dressed like that young lady!!!!!

Day 4 was an R&R day. We had nothing planned and had hoped for some nice weather so we could hang around the pool but the sun didn’t co-operate and it was overcast all day with a threat of rain. Instead of sitting around we decided that we would go play some mini-golf. I can’t remember the last time I played mini-golf, that’s how long ago it was but hey, I am on vacation and vacations are for having fun. We all piled in the car and headed for Pirate’s Cove.

 Pirates Cove is a chain of Mini-Golf emporiums that stretch from Florida all the way up to the Canadian Border. You find them mostly in heavily “touristed” areas. Places like Atlantic City and Myrtle Beach and in areas where Golf is a predominate sport. I know that Hilton Head had a lot of Mini-golf courses in addition to Championship Golf Courses.

The owner let the 5 of us play on one team – there is supposed to be a 4 player limit – but we were not splitting up so he really had no choice LOL. Either all 5 or none and it didn’t look like there was a line-up waiting behind us to play. I was up first and wouldn’t you know it, a hole in one. LOL. We played our 18 holes, having a blast along the way. Balls that I thought were going to go right in the cup didn’t and some shots that should have been completely wrong went in. Go figure. When it was all over a hour or so later, the only one of us not to get a hole in one was Rick and lo and behold he managed to win the game. I am not sure how that worked but since I was keeping score I can’t complain LOL.

 After mini-golf we went to Saratoga to have dinner at a place called the Golden Corral. It is a buffet with just about everything you could possibly think of on it. A full range of salads and salad bar fixings, steak, ham, 2 kinds of fish, spaghetti, pizza – you name it, they had it. The cornbread was excellent and I could have very well eaten just that but I was a good girl and had some steak and a whack of salad with both veggies and fruit. But, the best thing was the Bread Pudding on the dessert buffet. I broke my own rule of scoping out everything before deciding on what to eat, only because I knew that if I saw the desserts first I wouldn’t eat properly and that would just throw my body out of sync. I had been doing really well up to this point and wanted to remain pain and vomiting free for the week, so like I said I ate fairly healthy under the circumstances. But I have to stress again the amount of food available was incredible. What I would like to know is how an establishment can put out that much food and even with a full house that night, manage to make any money when it was under $11 per person. That’s just crazy – a great deal but nonetheless still crazy.

After dinner we headed back to Lake George. It was Friday night and Americade was now in full swing. Every type of bike imaginable was there and even a lot of vintage cars showed up. We got stuck in traffic coming back – everyone was out on the main street it would seem and while sitting there I looked to my right and Holy Cow – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sitting on a bike right beside the car was a man and a woman. He had on regular clothes – jeans, jacket etc but she was completely dressed wrong for a bike. She was wearing a helmet, I will give her that but the rest of the outfit!!!! In addition to the almost not there halter top and the Daisy Duke shorts she was wearing fishnet stockings and high heels. Ok, so I am no fashion maven and would rather wear comfy clothing (read jeans, t-shirt or better yet sweatpants and sneakers), but I probably wouldn’t be caught dead in what she was wearing (even if I was a size 2). I mean, come on – I could understand if she was on a girl’s night out and looking for something to do after the bars closed but not on a motorcycle. Aside from the obvious reasons, what about safety issues??? Even I know that if you hit the pavement in a get up like that there is going to be no way to protect your skin. I watched 3 bikes go down while I was there and while no one was hurt (well maybe a little bit of their pride) they still had to dust themselves off when they got up. None of them had anything less than jeans and jackets on which in all likelihood probably saved them a little bit of pain later and a lot of broken skin. Somehow I don’t see how picking gravel and dirt out of cuts would make for a really great weekend, but then again what do I know?

 We were all really tired after a day of frivolity, lots of food and oh ya, I think there might have been a stop at WalMart in there somewhere so we opted not to walk into town upon returning to the motel and instead we hit the deck for…you guessed it – a Bailey’s moment LOL. There might have been more than one moment that night LOL, Sue and I sat up till I don’t know what time just chatting and sipping. When it was time to finally go to bed standing up proved to be a little more difficult than I thought it would be. No I wasn’t drunk, or even close but I did have a nice glow on. I can remember when I could drink a lot of people under the table. No, I am not bragging, just stating a fact. That was a long time ago. Since then and since the surgery et al, drinking has not been a big part of my routine. It takes very little to make my head spin these days – besides the fact that alcohol goes straight through my system now – I think that with all the meds I take render my  tolerance low for anything other than juice or soda LOL. I drink a lot of coffee, more than I probably should,  but I have never had a problem with caffeine and there doesn’t seem to be one now. Coffee is the first thing I ingest in the morning and usually the last thing before bed. (In fact it is 2:01 am right now and I just took the last gulp out of my mug.) Oh well, some things just cannot be explained.

The black flies have been out in full force and the souvenirs that I will never lose from my week at Americade in 2009 are the scars from where the little suckers took chunks out of my flesh. One bite, not so bad; two bites and they are looking for trouble! The third bite made half my face puff up. Luckily there was not a fourth bite although I did have one fly up my nose. Killed that one pretty quick, the last thing I needed was to have to go to a hospital and get a shot for a damn bug bite. That would not have made for a good vacation.

 I am counting down the days now till I have to return home. Tomorrow is out last full day here and I am not looking forward to having to pack all my stuff up and head back on Sunday. The parade happens in the a.m. and they should be going passed here around 10:10. Any one with a bike can get in the parade and if all the bikes that I have seen so far participate then it is going to be a parade like nothing I have ever seen before. I am looking forward to it though; I am getting quite an education about motorcycles since arriving. I can tell the difference in the sounds of different engines, I have seen more manufacturers names that I ever knew existed in the building of bikes and the customizing of some of them is amazing. The colours, the designs – it is all truly fascinating to me. And the people are something to see; it has been a people-watching bonanza. From the size of the crowds to the outfits there has never really been a dull moment. I am going to have to find a CD recording of the roar of engines when I get home or I will never be able to get any sleep LOL.


A teaser for the parade…

Stuck behind the barricade for the parade!

Stuck behind the barricade for the parade!


 Tomorrow – Day 5 , the parade and Officer Awesome!


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