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Everybody loves a Parade!

One of the great things about staying at Lake Haven Motel is it’s strategic positioning in Lake George.  The village sits on Hwy 9 and the split for the North/South direction and then Hwy 9A is right outside the front door.  Hwy 9 south just happens to be the main street of Lake George so anyone coming in or out from the north end of town goes right by.  This year, we were lucky enough to be “bumped” upstairs and thus, had an excellent view of the comings and goings.  It’s a strange intersection, more like 5 corners instead of 4 which also means that the traffic lights are a little screwy and different from how most people are used to having traffic lights.  With 2 different roads converging to the north, the traffic coming from the south and the side street thrown into the fray there really is a lot of traffic.  Thank god there was no traffic circle – that would have just made me cry LOL. Additionally the “official” campgrounds of Americade are up Hwy 9 so anyone who is staying there comes by the motel to get into town. Noisy, yes for the most part, but also a great place to watch the parade.

The parade route starts in town, moves north to the split in the road, and doubles back south.  The turn around point is right in front of the motel giving us a birds eye view of the parade.  Rick and Adam chose to stay on the deck and watch, while Sue, MaryJane and I went down to the street.  Good thing we did too, because if we had not I would have missed Officer Awesome…

Office Awesome is a Warren County Sheriff .  It was his job to direct the traffic before the parade, turn the traffic lights on and off and hold back the traffic with the help of barricades during the parade.  I call him Officer Awesome because, well, wasn’t he one of the cutest things that I had seen all week.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plently of good looking men there, but O.A. was by far the hunkiest.  If there was a Warren County Sheriff Calendar, O.A. would be their front and centre man!!! (and I would have definately bought 1 or 10)

See what I mean????

Officer Awesome

Officer Awesome

So maybe this pic doesn’t do him justice, but believe me when I say he was a hottie!!!

Office Awesome playing with the traffic lights

Office Awesome playing with the traffic lights

The man was ripped…Hmmm perhaps I really should think about starting to date again.  I will have to look him up the next time I am in town.

As we are standing there waiting for the parade to start O.A. moved the barricades to block the traffic coming from the 2 north routes.  This also meant that traffic from the south was blocked from going north.  Some people got a little upset about this and tried to give O.A. a hard time.  But being the good cop that he was he stood his ground.  I mean, come on.  Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, everyone in Lake George that weekend had to have known that it was Bike Week.  That being said, not a minute went by when on the radio there wasn’t an announcement about the parade beginning at 10:00 am.  So it wasn’t rocket science to have known that if you had to be somewhere that morning you would have to have some extra time to get there or wait until around 10:30 when the parade had been by and was over.

I still cannot believe the number of people who were whinning and domplaining about the baricades.  Hello  –  wake up and smell the coffee people!!!!  But the good news was that I got to watch O.A. at work and it made waiting for the parade to come by pretty painless LOL.

The parade was a parade.  Anyone with a bike could enter.  And it seemed like alot of people did.  All parade riders had yellow balloons to distinguish them from those who were not  parade riders but I got the feeling that it mattered not.  All makes and models of bikes were represented – most of the bikes were customized to some extent.  And if the bike wasn’t, the rider(s) sure were.

"Aunt Sam"

"Aunt Sam"

Parade riders

Parade riders

Even the trailers were customized!

Even the trailers were customized!


One thing I did notice that was kind of neat – a lot of riders have stuffed animals strapped in on the back of their bikes.  I asked Sue about this and it a common thing for a lot of riders.  Some had trailers behind or sidecars attached and their pets came along for the ride LOL.  I even saw one bike with a German Sheppard sitting on the back seat.  He was wearing goggles and a seatbelt.  LOL – and no, it wasn’t after the Bailey’s nightcap, it was hours before LOL.  I can just see Bosco on the back of a bike…well, actually I can’t LOL but maybe on the back of that trike???? I think he would like it – he could see everything going on around him and that would make him happy.  We could even use his tail as a wind rudder LOLOLOL. 

The parade took about 1/2 an hour to blow by and then it was over.  A lot of riders would be leaving today – they had a trip back home to make and since I saw plates from as far away as Florida and Louisiana, it was a good two day trip for them.  I stuck around to watch O.A. direct the traffic for a bit and then headed back upstairs.  Today I have to pack up my stuff and hope that it will all fit into Rick’s car.  I keep telling him that I ordered a roof carrier at WalMart and we had to stop there on the way home to pick it and some more stuff up to take home.  Poor Rick – I don’t know if he kinda sorta believes me or if he knows that I am just teasing him.  After our first trip down here last fall I told him that when we got home I was going to have a trailer hitch installed on his car for the next trip.  Over the last couple of months I bring it up every once in a while just to see the look on his face LOL.  But not to worry – I am sure there is plenty of room in the car and then some.  I did volunteer to bring the Lincoln but he said “NO!”.  LOL. 

We are going to hang around the pool this afternoon and just chillax.  Maybe play some cards or dice.  It’s a beautiful day.  The sun is out and it is warm.  I think we are going to take a short walk downtown but everytime I do I end up buying something so maybe it’s not a good plan for me to go…

We did go and I didn’t buy anything – imagine that LOL.  We got back and lounged around the pool for a bit – played a couple of games of dice, talked with some others staying at the motel.  The water was warm – once you got in and under, but the air was cooler than the water so it seemed a little cold at first.  There were some younger kids playing in the water and they were having a great time.  One of them, Matthew, a 6 year old,  got to ride in the parade with his dad earlier.  I am so jealous.  Next year I want to be in the parade!!! 

Dinner tonight was at the Tamarack Inn right next door to the motel.  Sue and I split a prime rib dinner – it was the first place that let us split a dinner without a service charge ranging from $7 – $10.  I can understand why a place would want the patrons to order full meals but at the same time the amount of food that gets wasted daily from my plate alone is enough to feed at least 2 other people. I am not complaining – there was a time when I would have finished everything on my plate.  But now that I am unable to do that I feel bad when I have to send food back to the kitchen.  I know I have said it before but the portion sizes for a person like myself who cannot eat that much is a little crazy and although I often take the remainder of my food with me when I leave I very seldom manage to eat it later and instead I end up throwing it out.  I like the places that allow me to order from the seniors menu or the kids menu. 

Back to the Tamarack – the food was ok – nothing special.  As I said Sue and I split a Prime Rib dinner and it was good. The meat was tender with just enough fat on it that I could get it down.  It is kind of difficult to do anything to a baked potato and the veggie of the day was glazed carrots that were very good. 

That being said, there were a couple of things that will ensure that I don’t go back to this establishment the next time I am in Lake George.  First off – the menu.  Every restaurant in town had specials for Bike Week.  Now, whether they were really “specials” or not, I have no way to tell.  Whoever loaded the menus at Tamarack with the “Specials” sheet should be fired.  The pages were slid in over the regular menu. We looked under the pages and the regular menu had the same dishes on it as the “Specials” menu for the most part. However, most of the items were priced $2 – $3 less than the “specials”.  I asked the waitress about it and she said she would ask in the kitchen and let me know.  Her answer when she returned was that she was told that they were old menus.  Sorry, they were not “old” .  Paper tends to age and especially in an environment like a restaurant where they are subjected to daily handling.   Strike One for Tamarack.

Adam ordered steammed clams – one of the “specials”.  It was a bowl of  12 steamers.  It smelled great and looked really good however there were 4 clams that had not opened during the steamming process.  The dish never should have left the kitchen with unopened clams. They are inedible and could cause some serious trouble if eaten by someone who did not know any better.  Luckily Adam did.  When this was mentioned to the waitress, her reply was that she would tell the kitchen. Nothing more, nothing less.  Strike Two for Tamarack.

Last but not least, the bill.  When the bill came I checked it as I was picking up the tab.  Everyone had been taking turns and it was my turn.  We had ordered 4 prime rib specials at $12.99 each in addition to appetizers and drinks.   On the bill we were charged $14.99 for only 3 dinners.  Ok, not a bad thing right.  However when I pointed this out to the cashier she altered the bill to read 4 @12.99 instead of 3 @ 14.99.  I am not mathematician in fact I hate math but when she recalculated the bill it was almost $5.00 cheaper than before adding in the 4th dinner.  Strike three Tamarack.

I am a reasonable person.  Each of these things on their own I could accept; it was busy and none of us is exempt from making mistakes.  However, all these things at one meal I cannot.  Tamarack  Inn will never see me again and if asked I will tell anyone to avoid it.  Sorry – but in a town that relies on it’s tourist dollars on the biggest weekend of the season and with a repeat clientele for the most part – Tamarack needs to learn some new business strategy if they want people to come back.

A quick walk downtown for the last time and it was time to pack up and get things ready to leave tomorrow.  It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would.  Rick was a little surprised how I could manage to take everything and repack it so it didn’t look like nearly as much as it had when it was scattered all over LOL.  He had taken a “before” picture of the corner and teased that he was going to show it to Canada Customs when we re-entered Canada. I made my list for Customs and surprised myself at how I little I was over the allowable amount.  So, a little creative accounting here, a lost receipt there and I was good to go.  Hopefully we will not be the random car that gets pulled in LOLOLOLOL.

Tomorrow is our last day here and at some point we will be heading back to Canada and home.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I would really like to stay another couple of days just to relax and unwind but I know that I have to get back.  I have responsibilities at home that I cannot just shrug off  and ignore.  I do know that everyone is alright but I also do miss them.  I don’t know how that is possible but it is LOL. 

Sipping Bailey’s on the deck tonight, Sue asked me if I was having a good time ; I seemed very quiet. Hell ya, even if I never get back to Lake George I will always remember  my first Bike Week.


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