The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

Where did it go????

My cynical, sarcastic self is rearing her ugly head these days and when she does there is not any particularily safe distance from here.  Since I have no “real life” to speak of in this one horse town I get most of my “news” online.  I do not spend a lot of time surfing the web per se – instead I read certain sites only and today there was a little blurb about Jade Goody.  If you know who Jade is, ok – if not read on.

Back in March (March 15, 2009) I wrote a blog entry tittled “What would you do for 15 minutes of fame?”  This is a quote from that entry:

“And last but not least, we have Jade Goody.  Jade was a Big Brother contestant in the UK and in India.  While on the India show making her mark as a racist,  she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Please do not misunderstand – I am so sorry that she is in the last stages of her life.  However, letting TV cameras record it all is just way beyond my scope of comprehension.  She was married on TV a couple of weeks ago, and now the cameras are recording her final days. Jade says she is doing this so that her sons will have a better life with the money she is being paid.  Sorry Jade, in my opinion that is a piss poor excuse for letting the world invade your privacy and watch you die.  Yes, I have said it.  You are dying Jade and instead of letting your boys have quality time with whatever time you have left you have instead initiated something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives – money or not!”

Jade has since passed away.  I was peeved to think that she would put her two sons through having to relive her final dying days – I do not believe that any amount of money would be worth it.  However, I did understand that she wanted to raise enough money for her boys to get an excellent education through private schools and part of her reasoning for selling the rights to her “death” were to fund that education.  Jade herself came from a spotted background and she was a mother trying to right by her children.  As I said, I thought her capitalizing on her pending death was wrong, but to each their own.

Today I read an article that reported that Jade managed to spend her way through most of the money before she died. You can read the article here but in a nutshell what was estimated to be an amount in the area of British Pounds $6million (at today’s exchange rate that would be approx $9.9million US or approx $10.7million Canadian) whittled itself down to a mere British Pounds $800,000 (or $1.32 million US or $1.42 million Canadian.

Of this amount $300,000 (approx $497,000 US or approx $535,000 Canadian) is owed in back taxes, leaving a paltry $500,000 (approx $827,000 US or $892,000 Canadian) in the pot.  The estimated amount for the boy’s education is $600,000 (approx $993,000 US or approx $1.07 million Canadian). It is hoped that the royalties from her book “Catch a Falling Star” will make up the difference required. So after all she went through and put her boys through to enable them to have a decent life after her death, there is a shortfall in the amount needed to cover their education , not to mention general day to day living expenses and all that other “fun stuff” that comes with just trying to survive life!!!!! 

I’m sorry – I am truly sorry that cancer took her life.  She was a young woman with two children and no matter who you are or what you have done in your life no one deserves to die from any disease, let alone cancer.  As a cancer survivor myself I can still only imagine the hell that Jade went through.  But that does not excuse the fact that she used her death for monetary gain.  Yes, her reasoning was noble and yes she did it for her children but how in the world did she manage to spend all of that money while she was dying.  The British Health Care system is somewhat like the Canadian so her medical expenses, treatments etc would be for the most part covered and paid for.  And as a cancer survivor I know first hand that there are other expenses that are not paid for (living expenses that do not stop just because you are ill.)  But to the tune of  British Pounds $5,920,000 ?????  (approx $9.77million US or approx $10.5 milion Canadian).  Even I could not spend that kind of money in that short a period of time. (However, there might be one or two people who would debate that remark).

Somewhere in all of this there is a need for someone to step up to the plate and find out where the money went.  If for no other reason, there is a 6 year old and a 4 year old that no longer have a mom who so obviously loved them more than anything in the world.  Someone needs to be accountable. 

In the grand scheme of things this is really none of my business and I should probably keep my mouth shut.  I am by no means perfect or even close to it, I know this.  However Jade Goody invited us (the rest of the world) into her life.  Whether I liked her or not, there is still the issue of the two boys and that’s where my anger lies.  Children have enough to deal with in this day and age.  They do not need to have extra piled on their plate because mom needed her 15 minutes of fame. And with that I am going to shut up – going on would just lead to other issues I have with the world today and it’s just not worth it~


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