The faculty of making stupid discoveries by accident. The name of my first Fantasy Football Team. Neither of which have anything to do with this blog. I just like the word. Deal with it !!!!!!

OK so I am back!!!!!

It’s been a while and I do apologize for that.  Life has been busy to say the least but it always feels like the more I do the less I get done!!  LOL

I haven’t been around for what seems like forever.  I noticed that my last real post was in the fall and it is now almost half way through winter – if you can call the weather we are having winter. It certainly isn’t summer but it really isn’t winter either.  We have little to no snow – not that I mind that little perk but I have a feeling that sooner or later we will pay dearly for that.  I can see it now – snow in June or July LOLOLOL.   I would imagine that it wouldn’t be the first time nor the last.  And who or what is to blame – global warming, the Russians playing with satellites???  Who knows??  Not me, that’s for damn sure!!!

Mom and dad are getting progressively worse as times goes on.  I think I was spoiled by the fact that mom did so well for the last couple of years even though she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2001.  Dad was diagnosed in 2007 and seems to be catching up to mom’s level of progression at a phenomenal rate.  Although he is on the same meds as she was at this point in her path, they don’t seem to be working as well for him as her.  That could also be due to his physical ailments contrasted by mom’s awesome physical health.

Recently dad suffered a gall bladder attack.  This was the second one since the summer which saw us rushing to emerg in an ambulance and him spending a couple of nights in the hospital.  The biggest problem this time was that the unit they put him in was in lock down due to the Norwalk Virus.  It was tough not being able to go and see him, and he had a difficult time comprehending why I wasn’t allowed into the hospital.  Lucky enough the on call Dr. realized that he really didn’t need to be in the hospital and sent him home after only 2 days, not like the last time where the Dr was never there to talk to and dad was kept in the hospital for almost a week.

He has to go for an ultrasound next week and then the following week we see his family Dr. about what to do about his gall bladder.  It is a catch-22.  Any type of anesthetic could hasten the progress of his dementia while leaving the gall bladder and stones in place can cause major agony at any given point in time.  We will have to wait and see what the Dr. has to say after seeing the ultrasound.

Mom’s mental health continues to deteriorate at a more rapid rate than before.  She is finding it difficult to find words when she wants to speak so many things become a “doodad”.  We try to ask her what she is trying to say, but for the most part, the right words just won’t come out.  It is truly sad to see – she was doing so incredibly well for so long.  She still has a great appetite, as usual though – not much gets by her at the dinner table thats for sure LOL.

Sue is my life saver and constant companion. She is here Tuesday – Friday helping me with both mom and dad.  I really couldn’t do this without her.   I rely on her to help keep me sane – well as sane as I can be. LOL.

We took mom and dad to Lake George for a 4 day weekend back in October.  The trees were all out in colour and we had a pretty good time considering.  We went on the same Boat Cruise that I take with Sue and Rick during Bike Week and we also took a Train ride up the Hudson River.  We didn’t do as much with mom and dad that we usually do in Lake George – even the shopping was toned down quite a bit.  The good thing was that Wal-Mart in the US has wheel chairs available for use in the store – we’d let mom push dad around while we shopped. It worked out pretty well – the trunk was full coming home so I guess we got what we both wanted and did not need LOL.

The Christmas season came and went pretty quickly.  We had 2 Christmas’s this year; the first with Craig’s daughter Desiree a couple fo days prior to the 25th and then the regular one on the 25th.  After opening presents here at home we headed out to Sue and Rick’s for dinner.  A great time was had by all and by the 26th I was glad it was over. It is very tiring LOL.

I was going to have a surprise party for Sue’s birthday Dec 27 but we she wasn’t feeling the best and I woke up that monring not feeling great so we cancelled it.  I learned a lesson – never plan a party for the day after or the day after the day after at Christmas.  By the 27th it is time to sit and relax not entertain LOL.

I received the last of my Christmas gifts last weekend.  Aside from my life saving surgery 5 years ago this years gift was the best I have ever received.

Craig managed to get tickets to Jann Arden at Massey Hall in Toronto and send Sue and I off for the night.  We stayed downtown, caught the show and got to sleep in the next morning before heading home.  The show was amazing.  Jann Arden is truly someone to watch on stage.  Singer, story teller, funny – she has it all.  She had been in Kingston the week before and I told Craig when we got home that if she had been in Kingston after the Toronto show that I would have gone again and again.  I hadn’t been to a concert in ages but I am glad that I went to this one. It was really nice to take a night off and not have to worry about mom and dad at home.  I think I might start taking a weekend off once in a while – it does seem to help.

That’s enough for now – I am tired and 7 am comes early.  Wednesdays are Day Program days for mom and dad so I get some time to do the household stuff that gets put on hold for the rest of the week.

It’s nice to be back – thanks for sticking it out with me.

Enjoy the pics!!



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