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Guest Post: Dave Murphy of ThankASoldier

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Please visit I think you will enjoy it. Dave had put a lot of heart, soul and energy into his blog.

Turning Facebook & Twitter Red On Fridays

On Friday August 28th and every Friday thereafter we will be turning Facebook & Twitter Red in support of all troops & their families, from all countries that are a part of the UN Coalition. This is not about getting on the Twitter trending topics list, selling shirts or getting donations for other charities.  It is about our service men and women and their families and helping to spread the word about Red Friday.

How you can help spread the word:

Put something like this in your facebook status :


It`s  Red Friday, Wear RED to show support to our troops  at home & their families #RedFriday

This is not a contest as to who can do the most #Redfriday tweets you simply post it at least once every Friday to encourage people to wear Red on Fridays, its’ as simple as that.

The Red Friday Video:

I recently had my twitter followers and group members send in “Thank You” videos and it went very well so we could possibly being doing a “Red Friday” video that is simular that just shows regular people from all over the world with photos of themselves wearing RED to support our troops.  So We’ll see how this goes and stay tuned for information about that.

What is Red Friday? has it linked as “Collected on the internet in 2005″ they also report that in the spring of 2006 Red Fridays in Canada was started by two wives of Canadian forces Lisa Miller and Karen Boire.  You can check out “The Red Friday Ladies” page on Facebook.

I wanted to post the above information as when I post this and attempt to do what this blog is for I don’t want anyone to think i’m trying to claim starting this idea or anything like that.  It’s simply an idea to Facebook & Twitter RED on Fridays.

Wikipedia : Red Friday in Canada : People in Canada have worn red on Fridays to show support for troops serving in the Canadian Forces. Red is chosen because it is an official Canadian colour, and historically is a colour of remembrance because it symbolizes the red poppies in Flanders Fields and the loss of life that the country has endured.


If you would like to share this on facebook  copy and paste this in to your facebook status:

It will not set your status but put a link to this posting on your wall.

If you would like to share this on twitter simply put this in your Twitter Status:

Turning Facebook & Twitter Red on Fridays #RedFriday


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