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Something From Home

Something from home is a project that I have started that send “cheer packages” to our Canadian Troops deployed overseas.  With the help of family and friends we put together boxes of things that we, here at home take for granted every day.

Some have asked me why I do this.  The answer is simple really, living as close to the base in Trenton, Ontario that I do, has given me a new perspective on our Canadian Forces and standing on the overpass of Hwy 30 and the Highway of Heroes changed my way of thinking dramatically.  Additionally I have met many people over the course of the last couple of years, here in my own community with members of their families deployed that I felt I needed to do “something” other than just “talk the talk”.   Thus, Something From Home was born.

How often do you reach for a cookie or a cracker and it is right there within your reach?  Grabbed a bowl of Fruit Loops or Mr. Quaker’s oatmeal on a cooler day?

How many times have you taken a shower without knowing that some of our troops can be out on patrol without access to a shower or bath tub for 15 days at a time???  Baby wipes and hand sanitizer go a long way to making someone in a dust laden war zone feel a little more “human”.

Did you know that Silly String can help save a soldier’s life?  Silly String can be sprayed into a doorway before entering to show if there are trip wires for bombs…

Hot sauce makes even K-rations palatable – or so I have been told.  I really don’t know – I have never HAD to down K-rations and cannot imagine having to do so. 

So, it really is the “little” things that we take for granted everyday that bring a smile to the face of our troops.

No “care package” from home would be complete without other goodies.  Again, just things that some of us have stocked in our pantry’s or junk food cupboards from time to time.  Tuna, salmon, chocolate bars, juice boxes…

If you are a deployed CF member or know of a deployed CF member please contact me at somethingfromhome(at)gmail(dot)com or leave me a message here at Serendopeity.  I will go to any lengths to try and get what you want/need. As long as I have a name and rank and mailing address I can send packages from Trenton at no charge.  Let me know and I will get on it right away.

Thank you for visiting Serendopeity and drop by again.  This page will be updated as time goes on and hopefully (with their permission of course) I will post some replies from our troops.

In the coming weeks I will have a list of items that I keep in stock to send.  Again, special requests are welcomed and encouraged!!!


Be Safe!!!



One response to “Something From Home

  1. cki August 31, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    I just found your blog through TBI Warrior. Go figure, I have been through so many blogs from the States and finally found a Canadian one through a U.S. link. I’ve read a bit on your blog and have to say you are one tough cookie with great spunk. And….Something from Home is a fantastic idea. I have read almost everything on AnySoldier and Soldier’s Angels, as well as so many private blogs that are just amazing, and was glad to find you. Granted I have only been blogging myself for seven months or so. I’ll keep an eye on your posts for more info. Thanks.

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